When To Remodel Your Kitchen For Optimum Outcome

Cosmetic reasons such as worn counters and dated cabinets are ranked the highest when it comes time for homeowners to consider remodeling their kitchens. Of course, we believe that choosing to overhaul your kitchen due to minor cosmetic issues is not a wise investment. Below, we will discuss some other reasons to help you gauge when to remodel your kitchen!

Does Your Kitchen Have Enough Space?

The footprint of your kitchen area may be a given, especially if you’re not up to knocking down walls, but is the space adequate? Sometimes, just the way your counters and cabinets are constructed may negatively impact your enjoyment of the kitchen. For example, many homeowners like to overextend their countertops, but doing so is taking precious space away from the kitchen’s footprint. Increasing space and rearranging your cabinets is a smart reason to renovate your kitchen.

Are Your Appliances Still Efficient?

Your current appliances may still work as advertised, but older models may cost more to operate than choosing to purchase new ones. Advancements in technology have made dishwashers, garbage disposals and refrigerators more energy efficient while also providing better service for a lower price. Other features worth considering may be timer functions on certain appliances to help keep in line with lower energy consumption.

Is Your Kitchen Accessible To All?

Kitchen remodels cost thousands of dollars and are seen as a costly investment in any home. Sure, painting your old cabinets or switching out your countertops is always a great way to update your space, but you need to think of creating an age-less kitchen. How accessible is your kitchen design? You need to think about getting older or if you have senior relatives how the kitchen retains its function with a disabled person in a household.

Does Your Kitchen Work Well With Your Outdoor Space?

Many households have adjoining decks or patios that share a wall with the kitchen. If you need access to your outdoor space, it only makes sense to have a window and a door there. Unfortunately, older constructions did not take advantage of outdoor living spaces, which is why you may need to renovate your kitchen to account for the additional exit.

Does Your Current Kitchen Work Well With Your Kids?

Children grow a family, but they also make child proofing a difficulty in high traffic zones such as the kitchen. If you’re wondering when to remodel your kitchen, the welcome addition of a new family member may require it. Children may wish to cook with you in the kitchen or help out, in which case lower countertops in some areas and additional storage space are a must. Older appliances may need switching out as they don’t have safety features and many contain protruding edges that are dangerous.

Remodeling a kitchen on any scale should not be taken lightly. It requires a monetary investment and quite a bit of thought on your part to ensure your kitchen is functional for everyone. Most importantly, create kitchen designs that are age-less and will work years down the line.