Tips For Avoiding Truck Wrecks

Trucks and semis are large vehicles that need to be handled carefully to avoid crashing or wrecking them. They are used to transport cargo which may bring losses if they crash. The trucks also are expensive to buy and repair hence it is only logical to avoid wrecking them. Here are tips for avoiding truck wrecks:

● Avoid Speed

When driving trucks, stick to the speed limit and try as much as possible not to hit the accelerator too much. Trucks are heavy and thus reducing their momentum takes time and a lot work. Their brakes cannot stop them instantly and therefore avoiding speed makes the brakes efficient. Braking also makes the brake pads to heat and this reduces their efficiency hence it is better you drive at speeds that do not require a lot of braking.

● Avoid Overtaking

Due to their heavy structure, it takes a lot of energy and work to get a truck to accelerate. Overtaking needs fast acceleration to move at a greater speed than the car you want to overtake and it is good to have good brakes while overtaking in case you need to suddenly brake due to oncoming traffic. When driving a truck you should minimise overtaking on single lane roads and you should only do so after you are satisfied it is completely safe to do so. On multi-lane roads avoid overtaking cars moving at rather high speeds so that you don’t reach unmanageable speeds.

● Rest Enough

Before driving a truck, especially for a long distance, make sure you are well rested. Driving trucks requires you to be alert and observant and at the same time constantly thinking critically calculating how to maneuver the truck skillfully. When you are tired, it makes it hard for you to concentrate on the road and on the surrounding traffic, you are unable to think well and your judgement is impaired. This can lead you to making mistakes that will end up crashing and wrecking the truck. Also fatigue brings in sleep and drowsiness, sleeping on the wheel is not only dangerous but illegal and can have severe consequences.

● Make Sure The Truck Is Roadworthy

Before flagging off your journey to make a delivery on your truck, do a service check to ensure that everything is in working condition. Check the lights, the engine, tyre pressure, brakes, switches and everything else that will ensure that the truck is road worthy. Make a sweep to check any abnormalities around the truck and underneath it, look if the cargo is fixated tightly and is not loose. Do not drive the truck until you are 100% sure that is in perfect condition as driving a truck with a fault will distort concentration on the road and a fault may be the sole cause for a tragic accident. Also make sure that the truck has the auxiliary tools such as a first aid, hazard signs, fire extinguisher and a hydraulic jack.

● Patience

Do not be in a rush a to get to your destination when driving a truck, patience is key. Rushing will lead to over-speeding and minimised concentration, this can lead to serious wrecks that can be avoided if you take it slow. Do not be in a rush and always have adequate time to do a delivery. Do not loose your temper on the road or have extreme feelings that can impair your judgement.

Follow these tips for avoiding truck wrecks for the best results.