The Best Skin Care for Pregnant Women

The time when a woman is expecting is a special time that is full of wonder – but it is also a period when the utmost care should be taken in order to ensure the wellness of both mother and child. This is definitely true when it comes to caring for the skin. In this article, we will discuss the best skin care for pregnant women to keep that glow looking gorgeous all nine months, and beyond!

1. Acne

During pregnancy, the skin can go through a plethora of changes. After all, hormones are coursing through your body to ensure your little one develops into a healthy little human! But that can cause changes that aren’t quite welcome, such as acne.

To care for breakouts during pregnancy, you will want to carry on with the steps of a normal skincare routine (cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and protecting with sunblock). You will just want to take care to avoid products containing vitamin A derivatives and retinoids, as these can be harmful to your child. Salicylic acid, which is very common in products intended for use on acne-prone skin, is also an ingredient you will want to pass on. Instead, look for products containing lactic acid, which is made from milk, and glycolic acid. However, if you are looking to book a chemical peel, make sure you make your skin technician aware that you are pregnant – certain peels are not suitable, such as those containing glycolic acid.

2. Go Organic?

One thing not to do is over-think your product choices when you are pregnant. If the products you used before getting pregnant are still doing fine for your skin, and they are free of the ingredients that were mentioned previously in this article, they should be acceptable to continue using (of course, checking in with your healthcare provider or dermatologist never hurts). One word of caution – whether you choose to go organic or not, be on the lookout for salicylic acid, which is also listed as willow bark.

3. Tanning

Many ladies enjoy tanning their skin, whether that be through self-tanner, spray tan products, or even a tanning bed. Are any of these safe while pregnant? While the primary ingredient in these products, DHA, has not been tested enough to say whether or not these tanning products can cause birth defects, they are better left untouched until a safer time. Tanning beds are a no-no.

4. Stretch Marks

When it comes to skin care for pregnant women, one common concern is how to care for stretch marks or even avoid them altogether. Unfortunately, stretch marks seem to largely be related to genetics. Simply put, if your mother had stretch marks while pregnant, it is likely that you will, as well, at least to some extent. However, ensuring that your skin is hydrated will help it to stretch in an easier manner. Creams are better than lotion when it comes to hydration, and a natural product that is excellent for the skin (as well as preventing stretch marks) is coconut oil.