Personalized Fitness Training Goals: 6 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Long-Term Success

Setting fitness training goals can be a challenge; however, setting really personalized ones can be even more difficult. Harder still is keeping the lofty goals you set for yourself, no matter how big of an impact doing so will have on your health or social life. No matter what’s at stake for you, setting these goals and making them happen should be a top priority. Once they are, you’ll see that they’re met, setting yourself up for long-term success.

1. Start With Your Doctor

Losing weight and getting into really good shape requires a lot of hard work and it’s a demanding process on your body. Ask your doctor, first, if you’re healthy enough to aspire to your personalized fitness training goals and make sure you have no conditions, such as old injuries, compromised joints or otherwise weak areas of your body that could be made worse.

2. Find A Place That Inspires You

Staying committed to a routine is challenging; thus, it’s really important that you enjoy where you exercise. If you’re into the gym, where plenty of other like-minded people are hanging out, make that your place. On the other hand, if you prefer solitude, find a place in your home or yard to work toward your fitness goals.

3. Discover What Exercises And Routines Keep You Motivated

What you do is as important as where and why you do it, because, in order to stick with your program, you need to actually enjoy what you’re doing, at least somewhat. Lift weights, run, do aerobics, yoga or aquatic exercises or whatever else keeps you happy while working out. If you have to force yourself through a routine, you’re more likely to quit it after a short period, thereby sacrificing your goals and, possibly, your health.

4. Incorporate Your Personalized Fitness Training Goals Into Every Day

Even if you lead a very busy life, you need to prioritize your training goals, lest you let them fall by the wayside. Jot goals down each day on a to-do list or hang them on your fridge, wherever and however they’re most likely to jump out at you, and make a point of completing them, regardless of how crazy your day is. Unless something really, really important comes up, don’t let anything stop you from working out during your designated times.

5. Find Someone To Keep You Company When You Workout

Exercising with a friend can keep you on track, as you’re apt to keep each other motivated to keep going, one way or another. If you feel like slacking off one day, your workout buddy is sure to convince you to stay with the program and vice-versa. You might even make a contest over who can lose or lift the most weight or some other jointly-beneficial goal.

6. Document Your Success In A Daily Journal

Even if you’re a high-tech guru, studies show that keeping an old-fashioned journal about your training progress is the fastest and most reliable way to success. Write about what helps you the most, what holds you back and anything else that comes to mind. Refer to the journal when you’re feeling discouraged or when you think of a new goal to add to your list.

Setting yourself up for success with fitness goals isn’t easy, but it will be well worth it. If you find yourself slipping up or just can’t seem to fully immerse yourself in the process, consider a professional consultation. Ask staff at your gym or your physician about a referral to an outfit that will assess your condition, help you set these important goals and ultimately, accomplish each and every one of them.