Large Debris Removal From Water With The Use Of The Grab Style Rake

Grab Style Trash Rakes are now taking the markets by storm as they are being widely used for the purpose of removing extremely large debris that float around in clumps or even those that sink to the bottom of your river, pond or large waterway. These are also known as fish rakes and can also be used for the purpose of cleaning water that is used for cooling industrial plants and even power systems. Our article features the Grab Rakes as it applies to large debris removal from water.

This rake is manufactured by the industry experts at Evoqua. And it can be widely used as we’ve said before for removing debris which float or even sink including leaves, logs, sticks and even litter. This state-of-the-art machine was designed to be easily engaged as its bar rack was used for collecting those that move down the racks face. When collected, debris can then be removed as the rake ascends and the collected material is then placed in a series of receptacles.

The rake is widely considered as being several industries first choice in defending against removing large debris. This goes on to ensure that various equipment such as screens, pumps and others are protected as you purify water. Hence, your purification plants can now receive an uninterrupted supply of water for processing.

Additionally, the manufacturer has made these eco-friendly in the sense that they allow fish to easily swim through since there are specially designed screens to protect them. So now, you can finally rest assured that you will be debris and fish free.

The Grab Style Rake offers several advantages which can be seen below:

*Operations are reliable and easy since they can be controlled with the use of an interactive touch screen panel.

*These rakes were designed for efficiency and offer high speed operation with a series of smooth transition due to VFD acceleration as well as deceleration. These control the hoisting systems and remove large debris in a safer manner without dropping them.

*You can now utilize RFID flags for both PLC awareness and automatic positioning.

*The Grab Rakes were created with a specially designed grab tooth to handle and properly hold large objects without damage.

Additionally, there are also several offerings such as the following:

*Operation can be either manual or automatic due to fully wireless control.

*Designed to go with existing civil structures.

*Widths can be altered

*Debris is collected separately.

And these Grab Style Trash Rakes can be used in a series of different fields. They can be used for clearing water for municipal water intake, cooling systems such as power plants, cooling towers which make up various water systems, nuclear power plants and even for water treatment plants that require raw water intake.

As we conclude, we have just looked at the Evoqua Grab Style Trash Rake as it applies to large debris removal from water. And we have also looked at several advantages which can be experienced with the use of this specially designed rake. So, if you’re looking to remove debris on a large scale, this just might be the perfect solution for you!