Different DirecTV Now 2 Plans And Their Benefits

DirecTV Now 2 plans have changed since their initial entry to the market. Customers now have two different plans they can choose from including Plus and Max. The Plus package comes with over 45 channels with HBO included and the Max package comes with over 60 channels with HBO and Cinemax included. Below, we will be going over some of the benefits of DirecTV Now 2 plans.

Benefits Of DirecTV Now:

1. Premium Channels Included.

One of the benefits is that each plan comes with different premium channels that you might be interested in or already subscribed to. Due to their original content, many already subscribe to HBO which means that it can reduce your cost or at least allow you to lump together your costs in a package.

2. Streams.

DirecTV Now offers the ability to stream directly on 3 different screens at once by paying an additional $5 per month. Unlike some of the competition where you are limited to 2 or less.

3. Channels.

DirecTV Now comes with some of the best channel line ups that you will find anywhere. Not only does it offer local sports networks for those that cannot live without their sports, but it comes with a lot of in-demand channels like Nick Jr and Nickelodeon.

4. DVR Included.

Another good thing that DirecTV Now offers that you are not going to get with every service is the ability to record your favorite shows with the included DVR functionality. You get DVR functionality with every package.

5. Pricing.

The new pricing for the service is more expensive than what you would pay for other streaming services but it does come with HBO included in its base package. That alone will save you anywhere from $10 to $15 per month if you are someone that regularly subscribes to or watches HBO content. With even the base package, you are getting a lot of in-demand channels that you might not find on other streaming services.

6. Works With Many Devices.

No matter what streaming device you prefer to use, you are going to find a dedicated DirecTV Now app on it. That way, you will be able to stream on your favorite devices and your televisions. It works with everything from Roku to Amazon streaming devices to Samsung Smart TVs.

7. Spanish Language Sports.

You are able to add Spanish language sports by adding DirecTV Now Deportes for an additional $5 per month which is an absolute bargain if you are looking for this content.

Overall, this is a good option for those that are AT&T customers as you will save even more money and be able to lump together your mobile phone service with your streaming platform. Along with this, it is going to be a good option for those that really want to get some of the channels that you will only find on DirecTV Now. While you do have to pay more to get access to stream on an additional screen, at least they offer the option.