Benefits Of PVC Drain Basins

Drain basins are collection points which also work as the convergence point of two or more drainage lines. They allow for inlet or outlet diameter change, pipe type change, elevation change, direction change and also for an inlet and a point for sediment collection that enters the drainage system. PVC drain basins are manufactured through a thermo-molding process that ensures that these structures fit to pipes tightly. They are also manufactured to meet the pressure requirements put in place. They are also designed and manufactured for any project. This way, they help meet timeline and cost requirements of a project.

Below are some of the benefits of using these drain basins as compared to other types:

1. Safe For Use

They are made of a safe material that is not harmful to the environment. These drain basins remain clean for most of their life time. Further, the inert nature of the PVC material makes them resist corrosion and are also resistant to bio-film contamination.

2. Eco-Friendly

When compared to traditional drain basins, these drain basins are friendly to the environment. These drain basins are low in carbon and are therefore less likely to bring about pollution. In terms of their production and transportation to markets, less resources and energy are used and therefore save on resources. Since they are installed underground, there is no chance that they will pollute the air with a foul smell.

They are also energy efficient in that they don’t involve any pumping costs. Due to their air-tight connections, these basins allow for the flow of water without the need for pumping. This allows for industries and homeowners to cut down on electricity bills as PVC drain basins have zero need for pumping equipment. Also, these drain basins are eco-friendly from the point that they are recyclable. Most of these drain basins are made from recycled PVC products. While recycling, most of the technical properties of the PVC material are maintained, therefore maintaining the quality of the drain basins.

3. Durability

Drain basins made of PVC material are resistant to the harsh conditions in the soil, including salinity and high chemical content. These drain basins can be in use for up to 100 years without the need for replacement. This lifetime is however subject to activities such as excavating – less disturbance on these structures prolong their life time. This makes them cost-effective and ideal for any drainage project as it helps minimize the maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Cheap

They are low-cost structures compared to other drain basins such as copper and steel ones. This because of the low cost of production of PVC per unit. This makes them some of the cheapest drainage structures based on the make-up material and are therefore suitable for project managers who intend to spend less money on such structures.

PVC drain basins are structures that serve as collection points and a point where several drain pipes converge. They are eco-friendly due to their material make-up and are also cost-effective and suitable for any drainage project.