A Guide to Semillon WIne

Lovers of white wine may be familiar with Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, but what about Semillon wine? If you enjoy drinking glasses of white wine, then this is a type that you should no doubt get to know. Like Chardonnay, Semillon is full-bodied, but its flavor is similar to that of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris. It’s a wine variety that is excellent when it comes to quality for a great price, and the Semillon grape is the third-most planted grape for white wine in France.

The flavor of Semillon wine has a lot to do with how ripe the grape is when plucked. The less ripe Semillon grapes tend to reflect flavors of lemon and green apple, while ripe Semillon grapes give the wine a flavor of pear or papaya. The flavor of Semillon also varies depending on where the grapes are grown. When the grapes are grown in a hot climate, such as California, Argentina, or South Africa, the wine boasts flavors of fruits that are riper, such as papaya, mango, and yellow peach. These wines also tend to contain a higher amount of alcohol, ranging from 12-14% ABV. When Semillon wine is grown in a cooler climate, this is when the winemakers tend to pluck the grape from the vine white it less ripe. This results in the wine containing more acidity, and therefore, more hints of citrus and floral aromas. While Semillon wine made in cooler climates will have less alcohol than the wine from warmer areas, it still contains quite a bit. These bottles will range from 10-12% ABV.

Wine is often enjoyed with food, and the individual hoping to enjoy the best experience for their meal will want to learn which dishes pair best with a glass of Semillon. Semillon wine has a medium body with a fresh and zippy flavor, which aids it in pairing very well with bold Indian and Asian dishes. In fact, those meals featuring quite a bit of spice can find the perfect match in a glass of this white wine.

One variety of Semillon, White Bordeaux, has found its place in popularity among those who enjoy sushi. It pairs well with this option because of how it helps to balance out pickled ginger and raw fish. Of course, some individuals enjoy sweeter wines with their food, and in this instance, Semillon does not disappoint. A white dessert wine such as Sauternes pairs exceptionally well with the dish, Fois Gras.

Semillon pairs well with many types of white meat, including chicken, turkey, and duck. It is also a great match for all sorts of fish, such as grouper, red snapper, halibut, black cod, and much more. When it comes to cheese, you will want to enjoy this wine with cheese such as Cheddar and Compte.

In conclusion, Semillon is an excellent choice when it comes to a white wine packing a punch in terms of flavor that pairs well with a large range of dishes. You can also be sure that you will purchase a bottle high in quality for little money spent.